Advertising: Growth of Commercial Television

When first thinking about how television would be run, it was an easy decision that commercials would become a mainstay on television and offer advertising.  Similar to how advertising was on the radio.  Advertising sky rocketed as sponsors were buying time so that they may so that they may get their product or idea across a large audience.  In 1957, Variety reported that during a typical week a viewer saw 420 commercials which was equal to 5 hours and 8 minutes.  This was a large amount and showed that advertising and commercials were not going anywhere and if anything, they were going to continue to grow.  an important figure to advertising on television was Tony Schwartz as he was known for his political ad called “Daisy Spot.”  This political ad hinted that if the republican party won than we would be led into a nuclear war.  Advertising in commercials can be used for anything especially to persuade people.  Without advertising on commercials, some of the worlds greatest products may have never been seen besides in magazines which meant that it would have a select audience and not the entire country.  Commercials helped to show products and ideas so that consumers may view them and if they like what they saw, then they could learn more about it.  Not long after came infomercials which were television programs directed towards a product.  These were important because they led to something that had never been done and allowed a viewer to learn about a product on television that they may be interested in buying.  

6 Keys

Product: Commercial

Technology: Television

Industry: Television, Commercial 

Money: Sales of product

Law and Government: Fairness Doctrine

Audience: Everyone who watches Television 


Television and commercials have helped Advertising a lot to become as big as it is today.  Without television who knows how big advertising could be with only signs and radio.  If certain products would be known and bought by an entire country.  A lot of questions could be raised about advertising, but they are not thanks to television and commercials.  

Michael Petrone

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