Motion Pictures Go Digital

Movies have been making a dramatic change in the way that we as the audience view them.  Movies are changing in the way that we watch them with great special effects that they can now offer.  These special effects make the viewing experience for an audience something that has never been seen before.  USing digital technology visual effects can be created that surpass anything that has ever been seen in the past.  with new computers and cameras that are used in the movie industry, animated characters such as in the movie Beowulf can seem very realistic.  Going digital not only helps the viewer by offering a better viewing experience but it saves money for the studios as it is cheaper to make and duplicate copies.  Although digital movies are a wave of what is to come, they are slowly being brought about.  This is because producers are worried about there movies being watched on swapping services such as napster and also that not enough movie theaters have put in digital projection cameras.  As for today 3-D pictures are all over the place and I believe that with in the next couple years the only movies that will be seen will be in 3-D.  I believe that this is true because technology keeps updating everyday and people want to continue to move along with it.  It may take sometime for everyone to make the switch to only watching 3-D movies but if you do some research then you will find that they are already making 3-D televisions.  That just shows that anything is possible in the movie industry today.  I believe it is only a matter of time until 3-D dvd players are made and then you can enjoy the experience at home.

6 Keys

1. Product- 3-D movies

2. Technology- movies, tv

3. Industry- Movie

4. Money- Person buying to watch

5. Law/Government- The use of satellites

6. Audience- Everyone watching


Michael Petrone

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2 Responses to Motion Pictures Go Digital

  1. Mitch Bailey says:

    My comment regarding 3-D picture is biased. I did not have a positive experience with the new technology; therefore, my opinion of the product is negatively shown. I found the experience to be unenjoyable and generated motion sickness. I agree that this is a technology that will reach unchartered success, but the target market may be varied and inconsistent.

  2. mcfowler2 says:

    I agree with Mitch. 3-D movies may be a nice “extra feature” to some, but overall, I don’t see how the additional dimension adds much to the goal of the movie. However, if the goal of 3-D movies is to push out the best, up-to-date technology, then I think producing movies in 3-D will be the next blanket way of doing so. I just hope that the desire for increased technology use doesn’t consistently trump viewer preference/authentic experience.

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