Chapter 11: How has MTV changed the music industry?

First, the increasing access to cable and satellite television produced a direct threat to the programming dominance the three networks had enjoyed since television becoming a mass medium. MTV was added as a cable channel in 1981, and showed its first music video “Video Killed the Radio Star.” Music television has dramatically changed the way music is promoted, and has introduced new innovative programs such as: The Real World, Jackass, and The Osbournes. Since the introduction of MTV, critics claim that there is a large emphasis on the actual video, and not the quality of the music. However, the music-video format has been successful, and various other music channels devoted to a specific genre have emerged. MTV was a pioneer in a sea of change in the programming industry. Initially, network television followed a limited, one-size fits all approach. However, cable or satellite television introduced a fragmented and specialized programming approach. Channels devoted to travel, food, cars are now common on cable or satellite television. In conclusion, music television has changed the way music is promoted. An artist’s success is no longer based on the music produced. Instead, quality is measured by a combination of music and video. Therefore, MTV, or music television controls how an artist is promoted and the success rate. This promotion is dictated by the artist’s overall presentation of their product: music, video, ect.

Mitch Bailey

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3 Responses to Chapter 11: How has MTV changed the music industry?

  1. mgb07577 says:

    6 Keys:

    1.) Product- MTV, music television
    2.) Technology- Music, video
    3.) Industry- Music
    4.) Money- Cable/Satellite subscription viewing
    5.) Law/Government- Use of cable/satellites
    6.) Audience- Music/video market (large target market).

    Mitch Bailey

  2. mcfowler2 says:

    I agree that communications channels, such as music television (MTV), focus almost completely on the video production and the advertising/endorsements of it. The quality of the music doesn’t seem nearly as important any longer than the over-top nature and overwhelming use of money of the video production team. I feel that the shift in the music industry is going to be an emphasis on the entire multimedia experience with the actual music/song taking a backseat to the video. Think of when a song is played in the background during a scene of a movie…I think that’s what’s coming…

    • I also agree that MTV focuses a lot of its time on video production. How much do you believe that the music video is taking away form the song? Do you think if not already that the songs will no longer matter and the only thing people will care about is the music video? Also, what do you believe this will do to music, will it not be recognized by people while watching a music video or will it just disappear completely?

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