Ch. 5 blog Terrestrial based broadcasted radio vs. satellite radio

The emergence of the broadcasting radio is one that is still impacting one of the largest mediums of communication. Broadcasting allowed for communication from one location to numerous locations, as opposed to only being able to communicate from one location to another. With this development came the development of radio stations such as Rochester’s 98 pxy which plays a top 40 hit list every week on a terrestrial based broadcasting system. This means that the signals from a land based origin are able to be broadcasted in a very numerous and wide spectrum (respective to whatever area) from one digital signal. However the latest radio technology is satellite radio which offers the same digital signal, yet spread out to different locations on an even greater spectrum than that of terrestrial based broadcasting. The question is, will sattelite radio eventually out last terrestrial based radio? I believe that satellite radio will eventually outlast terrestrial based radio just because of the fact that in order to use the satellite radio services you must subscribe to a company who provides the service such as Sirius or XM radio and you must choose what radio stations or genre’s that you want to pay for and listen to in your package. This enables for a more hands on and friendly user interface because it allows for customer customization and therefore can ensure customer satisfaction. John Pavlik and Shawn McIntosh’s text book titled “Converging Media” they comment on the popularity of the industry in satellite radio through an example saying, ” It is still unclear whether Sirius or XM satellite radio will survive amd if it does not whether another satellite radio service will take its place and try to pick up were it left off”(157). Therefore it is still relatively too soon to decide whether or not the industry of satellite based radio will die out or not, however I still believe that it is bound to outlast the land based radio broadcasting simply because of how much wider the spectrum satellite radio offers.

Six Keys:

1. Product: Satellite and terrestrial based radio

2. Technology: broadcasting stations

3. Industry: Sirius and XM satellite radio

4. Money: Subscription fees

5. Law: Less restrictions on satellite radio because of subscription fee

6. Audiences: all ages

August Wright

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3 Responses to Ch. 5 blog Terrestrial based broadcasted radio vs. satellite radio

  1. Mitch Bailey says:

    Could terrestrial based broadcasted radio’s fate share the same of local newspaper’s? In my opinion, it seems that the local or small business aspect of the media world is fading. So, just as national newspapers and online media take over the local markets, will satellite radio take over this industry?

    • I also agree that satellite radio will outlast terrestrial radio. I believe this is because of everything that satellite radio offers such as its sports channels, howard stern and the many different types of music. Packages that include these channels seem very popular but it does cost money to have them. Do you think that if satellite radio was to outlast terrestrial, that you would have to subscribe and pay in order to listen? Or would satellite be free to listen.

  2. mcfowler2 says:

    I agree that terrestrial radio will be overtaken by satellite radio in the near future. As technology is ever-improving and developing, we are in constant demand for new, universal technologies that deliver more of exactly what we prefer. I believe that satellite radio companies will absorb terrestrial radio companies to include them as an option in their satellite package, but that new radios will be required to be satellite radios. This problem sounds very similar to the analog/digital TV convergence…..

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