Ch. 7 Development of User Interface

While reading the book and trying to figure out what I should blog about, I came across the topic of Development of the User Interface.  The User Interface is how people access electronic mass-communication content.  Items such as the remote control have changed the User Interface drastically.  The remote control is one of the most important transformational technologies in television.  Instead of having to get up and change the channel, in 1950 people could change the channel from the chair they were sitting in.  If the remote control had not been invented what would watching television be like today? How would it change the way people watched television? The development of user interface began with the radio and the television, but the most important is the computer.  Before there was a computer, no media was ever interactive.  items such as the keyboard and the computer mouse I believe were stepping stones into helping computers become what they are today.  An example is the Ipad, which a touch screen computer that allows human-computer interaction.  I think that technology has shown that it will continue to improve just like it has from keyboards to touch screens.  Interacting with a computer can be done in many ways such as, writing on a screen with a special pen and having it appear rather than typing.  Also speech is another way to interact with a computer.  Voice commands can be done on a computer and are providing more intuitive interaction with computers.  I think that all of these examples are important to the User Interface because they show how people access electronic mass communication content.  It is also showing how technology is evolving and all of the different ways you can interact with technology.  Technology will continue to evolve and interaction with technology such as computers will continue to grow.  

6 Keys:

1. Product- User Interface

2. Technology- Computers, TV, Radio, Remote Control

3. Industry- Electronics

4. Money- People buying products

5. Law/Government- Restricting how much interaction can be done

6. Audience- Those who watch television and use computers

-Michael Petrone

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3 Responses to Ch. 7 Development of User Interface

  1. Mitch Bailey says:

    Would an automatic key, or a remote start for a vehicle be considered development of the user interface? Where do you see technology, or development, occuring in the auto-industry? What changes could we expect in the next twenty years?

  2. wrightwing13 says:

    I think that the development of user interface through inventions such as the keyboard and remote control is absolutely an excellent indication of how ” user friendly” our society has become today. The most successful companies that offer technology as a product have the most “user friendly” products in their specific industry. Companies such as Apple are a very good example of this. However, would companies draw more success from products that offer a more hands off approach to the user interface? More specifically would companies draw more success from a product that offered just voice text recognition or a product that offers a keyboard to type text?

  3. mcfowler2 says:

    Making things quicker and easier to use are always priority in a fast-paced world. Merging the functions of a landline telephone and computer into a smart phone is a great example of this. Obviously, I agree that the remote control was an incredible development into the user interface field. How far will engineers go in order to accommodate users’ needs of quick and easy?

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