Ch. 3 post TV/PC convergence

Upon reading the textbook,” Converging Media”, I came across an issue that I thought was worth more research. I read about the possibilities of either turning television to a pc or vice versa. I believe that the issue is pretty interesting because I agree with the author ,that the possibility of a future convergence is very probable. Most likely I believe that PC’s will change to meet television format. I think this is the case because televisions have the ability to already interact with other products unrelated to the television, such as video game consoles. This means that the television has incorporated characteristics of another product into its one and made it rather successful ( as far as video game players are concerned). Because the television has been so successful bringing another product (video games) into its variety of functions, I believe that in the future production officers of companies will be able to somehow connect pc’s with television sets. The true key to making the convergence between televisions and pc’s lies in the ability of entrepreneurs and engineers to make the PC users enjoy the use of the PC function on the television. I think it will be hard for engineers to think of a way for pc users to enter text through a keyboard. The only possible solution to this problem that I see that the TV/PC could feature is voice activated text capability. This way users of the PC function on the television set would still be able to enter text to search the web, without dealing with the keyboard. Another advantage to having the voice activated text capability in the TV/PC converted product is the fact that those who are watching movies or playing video games on the television will not have to watch how their fingers type on the keyboard because they will only be using their voice.

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4 Responses to Ch. 3 post TV/PC convergence

  1. mgb07577 says:

    I agree, but the usage of these devices has to be analyzed. Who, what, where, when, and how are PC/TV being used. I am sure college students would utilize a product entertaining both devices, but could a combination such as this be used in the professional world?

    • I like the idea of PC and TV merging in to one. If it can be done is the question and only time will tell. I think that it would be interesting to see if it was voice activated in order to type or if maybe there would be some sort of wireless keyboard. I believe that the younger generation would find it easy to use and it could be big in the future, but as for the professional world, it would not be useful right away.

  2. mcfowler2 says:

    I think a PC/TV merger would be ideal for personal and business products. Consolidating two functions–watching TV and using a PC–into one device makes for increased efficiency. I agree that the logistics and engineering of the product may cause it to be heavily priced, but that’s true of all consolidated electronics like an iPhone or e-mail data package on a cell phone. I also agree that the usefulness of the device in the corporate world may be limited, so it may lean towards personal/home usage.

  3. Jeremy Sarachan says:

    I like the hypothetical musings here. Each of the machines: PCs and TVs has specific uses. While it seems convenient to have one (especially given some of the cramped quarters some of you live in), I wonder if that would lead to the most effective usability for each.
    A good main post, but remember the six keys analysis.

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